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EPIC Theatres is a privately held motion picture theatre company based in DeLand, Florida. EPIC currently operates 93 screens, at 8 sites. In 2013 the company embarked on a second expansion program and will be announcing the addition of more than 60 screens.

Founded in 2003, EPIC Theatres is operated by third and fourth generation exhibitors whose family built their first theatre in 1947. The management and staff of EPIC Theatres are proud to be a part of the exhibition industry. We are dedicated to providing the ultimate movie going experience in state-of-the-art theatres by properly exhibiting movies and events in well maintained facilities. Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to serving you.

You may contact us via email at corporate@epictheatres.com
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We receive many requests for free movie passes, donations for charitable purposes, and requests for sponsorships. We are inspired by the amount of time and effort our friends and neighbors devote to charitable and civic organizations. At Epic Theatres all of our available donation dollars and movie passes are allocated to several predetermined charities including Variety of Florida- the Children’s Charity. We feel this is the most effective use of our pass program and donation funds. To learn more about Florida Variety- the Children’s Charity visit www.varietyflorida.org.